Roots is an acronym that stands for “Raising Our Own To Serve.”

R O O T S | For a few months leading into 2010, three individuals regularly gathered in prayer and received a vision of shaping a ministry that would start at the most personal level of an individual's relationship with God, but not end there. Roots—crafted around the acronym “Raising Our Own To Serve”—was the name faithfully planted into a small community of young people in Federal Way. The church was built on the pegs of servitude and stewardship: building people up in the maximum capacity that God intended them to be, and sending them into the surrounding community to spread the love of Jesus. Simply put: to be a well of healing and revival for the city.

Roots Church is part of the Foursquare denomination, and spent the first of its seven years meeting in cozy living rooms and coffee shops, and eventually found a home at Grace Church in Federal Way. Even with an amazing sister community who graciously opened up its building and facilities, God’s provision did not stop there. With a passionately God-fearing, people-loving body growing outside its means, Roots found its new home in the heart of White Center. In the summer of 2017, Roots Church merged together with Shorewood Christian Church, a community strong in wisdom and tradition that’s been actively present for 30 plus years.

We are a multi-ethnic, inter-generational Christian ministry based in Seattle. Our origins can be traced back to a handful of people desperate to seek God not only as individuals, but also as a collective. As we continue to pursue the vision God set into motion, the Roots family is fully committed to walking out our faith with those who choose to join us. We want to meet you, in hopes to do life and ministry together.