WhiteCenter Homeless Outreach


Purpose: Raising Funds to purchase basic needs (i.e. gloves, socks, hygiene kit, blankets, etc.) for those that are homeless in White Center this winter season.

Hello friends! I want to share with you something that my fellow friends and I are doing. We’re planning on blessing the homeless community in West Seattle! They recently have been forced to relocate from their place of residence and are in need of practical items like (gloves,socks,hats,jackets,blankets,etc) especially during this cold season. I know that the holidays are just around the corner and money is always a sensitive topic, however, I’m asking for your help to partner up with me! Any donations or whatever amount that you’re able to give will help us make care packages for them and will be greatly appreciated!!!! Please message me for my venmo so we can get this going and help out the community. We got this! Together we can make a difference in someone’s life.

#givingtuesday #communityoutreach #godgotthis

Instructions on how to Donate:
1. Click on Donate
2. Select Fund > WhiteCenter Homeless OutReach
3. Verify > Select Payment > Done

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