Senior pastor of Roots church



Thank you for stopping by and giving me an opportunity to connect. I believe Roots is an exciting, challenging, and passionate place to worship the One True King through "Logos" (word), "Latreia" (worship), "Koinonia" (community).

I hope Roots becomes a home for you to feel welcomed and present. We have a seat for you and look forward to the opportunity to experience Christ through and with you.

James Stalker
Senior Pastor of Roots Church


About: Pastor James Stalker

Pastor James is a renown figure of faith and leadership in the Pacific Northwest. In 2010, he found his perfect footing in the Foursquare community, and has since established a church with just 3 faithful visionaries, which recently found its new home in the heart of White Center. Roots Church--planted around the acronym Raising Our Own To Serve--is now a 7 year old growing body. James' heart has always been an active response to seeing spiritual poverty and segregation in his own city. He has made advanced efforts in creating a ministry that reflects the neighboring communities; one that caters to multigenerational families and is sensitive to culture. The illustration of "a church with no walls" is evident in the way he serves and leads a body that directly impacts the local schools and families. He lives with his beautiful wife, Winnie, and their supernaturally handsome son, Ronan. You can always find him frequenting a local Starbucks, sitting with young people over his beloved cup of joe--Venti iced coffee with hazelnut and soy.

Pastor James, Winnie & Ronan Stalker

Pastor James, Winnie & Ronan Stalker