ROOTS Sports Ministry Mission & Vision

Honor God in the way they play and share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Four priorities which will be the foundation to the vision of seeing Christians in every sports club, representing Christ and building the church  (Christians in Sports): 

1. Motivating Christians to represent Christ at their club
2. Supporting churches to prepare their sports people to represent Christ
3. Training leaders
4. Enabling the work through prayer, finance and operational support

2016 Women Flag Football Team

2016 Women Flag Football Team

Sports Seasons  (Federal Way, Washington)
Jan-April: Basketball (Youth/Men/Women) /Indoor volleyball (Co-ed) 
March-July: Soccer(Men/Co-ed)/Indoor Soccer(Co-ed) 
July-August: Volleyball (Co-ed)
August-September: Softball (Co-ed)
October-November: Flag Football (Men/Women)
All Year: Rock climbing, Running, hiking, fitness, zumba, etc.

*30+ League : 
*Mens League : Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football
*Womens League: Basketball, Flag Football
*Co-ed League: Soccer, indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Indoor Volleyball,  
*Youth League (6th-12th grade): Basketball
*Children League (1st - 5th grade)
*VBS League (3yrs - 6yrs)

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